MysterE is an Evolutionary Guide with a message for humanity:

Compassion is the new economy.

He is the author of seven books, a screenplay, forgiveness music and several short films, as well as a labyrinth designer, life coach, meditation teacher, public speaker and the founder of the River House MysterE School. He works with evolutionary change agents all over the world.

He offers a simple, highly effective, transformational, wealth building, life purpose revealing and peaceful living, life coaching program.

Amusement Park - the game is change

You are invited to participate in the biggest magic trick of human kind.

Available only through the River House MysterE School.

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Awakening the Compassionate Economy

A five minute video in which MysterE explains the relationship between human awakening, an emerging economy and the current geo-political landscape.

From the January 2017 interview of MysterE by Martha Hartney. The 111 minute full interview is offered at the bottom of this page.

the evolutionary guidebook

Originally published in March of 2010, this book has touched the lives of thousands who love the simplicity and small pocket size. The book reveals the alchemy for empowering relationships and inspiring compassionate action for a human awakening of potential. How quickly can humanity rise above their challenges and allow life to give everyone what they require to thrive?

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the gift is listening

enlightened relationship Guide for men

Published 1/11/16. This book is a modern shamanic exploration of relationship wisdom shared in 111 musings to unlock the codes of living your now potential. Successful in attracting and strengthening soul mate relationships.

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give her what she wants -

empowerment in the age of feminine leadership

A stirring story about a daughter coming of age, and her father's commitment to honoring the Divine Feminine in them both. A book with the tools for opening your heart to create the life your heart desires by using linguistic intelligence.

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