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A simple, highly effective, transformational, wealth building, life purpose revealing, and peaceful living life experience accelerator. 

Incredibly, when we each lay our hands down... We are all holding 5 Aces!
— The Man in the Red Hat
 The Book Guaranteed to Open Your Heart - to You.

The Book Guaranteed to Open Your Heart - to You.





Ring Master of the River House MysterE School's Amusement Park.  Author, Musician, Alchemist, Artist and Mystic.

MAGIC (Miranda)

Lead Udavasana Yoga and Community Involvement Coordinator,  Musician, Kabbalist Chef, Artist, Lover of Life.

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SHAYLYN - Yoga Lifestyle

Yoga instructor and Naropa student - whose bright personality always invites people into their potential.

Tom - Chief Alchemist

With lots of alchemists around, we require a chief. Tom is our lead sacred geometry designer and energy wizard. 


GARRETT - WArrior heart

Truly a man living from the Heart. Founder of The Kiva CenterSanar Energy Healing - and principal in Warrior Hearts.


Sara - Exquisite Healer

Combining many massage and healing modalities into her unique offering - Sara has 'touched' the lives of many.

brian - Sound wizard

Community leader guiding transformational journey of healing through breath work, song, and sacred vibrations.


Our Community

The local artists & healers in our community are so attuned, they drop by exactly in tune with our guest's intentions for growth and experience.



We have volumes of videos and life lessons from a myriad of teachers and luminaries speaking about all things compassionate.



The sign still hangs in the kitchen to guide us: The River House Community is a Tribe of Life Artists Empowering Everyone to Express our Gifts.


YOU - Bring Your Gift!

We always have room for your gifts in our Creative Dynamic Open Space.  Show up and collaborate with us by offering, learning and growing as our guests!


Amusement Park Passports:

Like at any Amusement Park, the rides require tickets. In this case, passports.


The Amusement park passport

Your Amusement Park Experience begins here with the transformational, one-of-a-kind, book.

community Passport

We are passionate about the people in our lives, and invite you to raise the bar and join a powerful flow.

transformational lodging passport

Come as a short-tern guest, or for a full immersion experience. 2-14 nights.

enjoy your destiny life coaching PAssport

The MysterE School accepts a few coaching clients per year between April 1 - October 31.




There is more in our Luv Lingo store - and much more coming soon!


Gifts 4 YOU

There is more - in the Luv Lingo Store


Abundance Meditation


MysterE's collaborative Abundance Meditation with Massood Taj to listen to in the early part of the day. There are more meditations and music with the Amusement Park Passport.


The EVolutionary Guidebook


MysterE reads the book that has touched the lives of thousands - who love the simplicity and small pocket size. Hard copy available from Amazon: The book reveals the alchemy for empowering relationships for an awakening of potential. 

five aces musical meditation

get your day rolling

It's Day One! A collaborative track with Mountain Tribe. MysterE lays down the fundamental agreements made in the Amusement Park to a beat that inspires movement and trust along the pathway of life,

udavasana yoga

river house

On Sundays and Wednesdays join us for a combination of Vinyasa flow and guided meditation. It's our gift to you. Miranda teaches Sunday 10am, and Shaylyn on Wednesdays 6pm.



Produced on the River House MysterE School grounds - highlighting community member Ashley Wilfire's voice, as well as MysterE's poetry and impermanent river art. Best listened with headphones. Come stay and see MysterE's river art at the River House.

give her what she wants


MysterE reads his fourth book which relates his stirring coming of age story about his daughter in Mexico, and how it relates to creating new ways of relating in humanity. Hard copy available on Amazon.



There is much more,

in the Luv Lingo Store