Amusement Park Pass

Amusement Park Passport

MysterE's 7th Book:

You are invited to participate in the biggest magic trick on human kind by riding Noah's Arc - simply by reading Amusement Park.

To be Agreeable to the 4-Act play - Order from the River House, right away.

Or take a test-drive by reading the introduction from the start - while following along on with MysterE's voice, into the Heart.


Choose Your Gift for the Book

All gift amounts receive the audio and pdf version of Amusement Park immediately.

All gifts support the River House MysterE School - and a more compassionate reality

Autographed books via USMail.

1 Per Person


More and more people are Agreeable to the Amusement Park.

When you agree to be Amused, your name gets recorded in our leather bound book - and a signed and numbered copy becomes your brand new outlook.

The only way to get your copy is to make a gift to the River House MysterE School - Remember, to tell others what you have read, makes you a Fool!

Choose Your Gift for the Book
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