Amusement Park Pass

Life Coaching "Enjoy Your Destiny" Passport with MysterE


A simple, highly effective, transformational, wealth building, life purpose revealing, and peaceful living - Life coaching program. 

Based on the book Amusement Park.

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The Economy is Changing - Fast.


Your Role in the New Game.


A Relationship Changes Everything.

Whether on Wall Street or Main Street, bring your full self and reveal the hand you've been playing - and watch with amazement as the life you've always wanted appears just like you've been praying.

Coaching, River House Visits and Life Visioning with MysterE, plus Involvement in our growing Evolutionary Community.

My coaching is based on collaboration and experience to practice and demonstrate today - who you have the potential to become along life's amusing highway. I engage those who have developed real skills and financial success - who are ready to transform, and their lives authentically address.

My invitation: Become a participant in a compassionate reality - and generate true wealth for yourself and others in humanity.