Days 20-22: Purpose

Daniela Plattner, embodied facilitator and life coach joins us in Lesson Nine from Amsterdam to share how her willingness to dance through life is bringing empowerment to others by guiding them back to their Hearts. A fabulous interview with clear actions steps and gold nuggets of wisdom.

Days 26-28: Go on a Mission

Elana Meta of the Meta Method joins us in Lesson Nine from Venice, CA to bring her enthusiasm for empowering people to create new realities using language, self-expression and movement. Her willingness to be raw and on fire is sure to inspire.


Days 4-6: Be Dediscious

Meera Heart joins us in Lesson Two from the River House MysterE School to share her perspective on turning our perspective back upon ourselves to gain clarity for healing, next steps and setting our lives up perfectly for an amazing ride!

Days 10-12: Become Your Healer

Miranda Miller of Love Truffle Yoga joins us in Lesson Four right out of yoga to relate her experience of how her joy practice found her after she made the courageous choice to prioritize self-care. In this interview, we explore how to make and keep powerful agreements with yourself. Bravo!

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Days 1-3: Prepare for Magic

Heidi Cuppari of Dream Tank, social entrepreneurship accelerator and think tank for kids joins for Lesson One from Boulder. Heidi's inspiring message about what we can learn from the children to bring out the best in everyone is fabulous. It's an amazing beginning.

Days 13,14 & 16: Be a Deep Listener

Ashley Lieber of Fertile Crescent Healing Retreat Center and Ashley Leiber Fine Art joins us from Paonia, Colorado in Lesson Five to share her experiences of how Listening from the Heart leads to extraordinary healing ability, and empowering relationships.


Days 23-25: Be the Gift

Ashley Willfire of Dream Tank joins us in Lesson Eight to share her experience of stepping into her gifts while learning to expand her heart and mind to receive. She brings her art and acumen to Dream Tank for Kids. Listen to her healing voice: Soundcloud/ashleywillfire

Days 17-19: Live Community

Garrett Braun of the Kiva Center and Living the Gift in Boulder joins us during Lesson Six to share how his experiences of living in community with vulnerability, responsibility and passion have shaped his life path to follow his dreams. It's an extraordinary interview! 

Days 7-9: Leave it Better

Graham Torpey joins us from Crestone, Co for Lesson Three. He is a serial conscious entrepreneur on a mission to leave this earth better than he found it. He speaks candidly about the journey of empowerment and how to start where you are and build with patience, innocence and practice. Graham's interview not available for preview.

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Day 14: Full Moon Illumination  

Naomi Love of Maya Moon Healing Arts joins us from Hawaii during the Full Moon phase of the course to share how ceremony, intention and prayer can be utilized in concert with lunar cycle. She plays her medicine drum and leads a powerful guided meditation - Brilliant! 


Extra Credit: What is Magic? 

Dave Zaboski of the Alchemy of Creativity joins us from Los Angeles to share his perspectives on human potentiality in the face of shifting political and social landscapes. In this interview, we explore what is magic and how to empower ourselves through art for collective impact. Instagram: sooo_theresthat / davezart

Master Instructor Guide

James Matthew Bailey joins us from Boulder to bring his gifts as the Master Instructor Guide for this Heart Mission we are all on together. No one pulls out the genius of other people like this man! Prepare to have fun and learn in a new way as you take another step on your Hero's Journey.

Day One - New Moon Initiation

Mara Jackson of Dreamstone Arts joins us from Boulder, Colorado and offers a new moon ceremony in the Sacred Love BeeHive Temple on how to let go of the mind and open the Heart to the intentions that are ready to be born. An incredible healer and being of Light!

Evolutionary Guide 14 - The Mystery

MysterE of the River House MysterE School lays down the wisdom of creating from nothing in such a way that is digestible to whoever is ready to listen. He's the most fortunate man I know, with three amazing daughters and an extraordinary life to share. His entire mission is to empower others.