Are you ready to make an evolutionary leap with us?

MysterE is open for collaboration for the co-creation of a compassionate economy.

His coaching program is a community-oriented, multi-reflective and radically efficient that invites you into a relationship with yourself by jumping into the deep waters of flow at the River House MysterE School.


guaranteed transformation

choose the purpose project that chooses you

Project One:

Yurt / Temple Cover


Part A: Our beautiful temple requires a new cover which was destroyed in a windstorm. We've also have some reinforcements and repairs to make, as well as add some new improvements. We utilize this temple as the birthing place for all creativity, and it's vital to our mission that it is in good shape.

Part B:  We have a group of people ready to take down the yurt, refinish the deck, make improvements and set back up with the new cover. Please join us.

Project Two:

Publishing: Give It A Way


Part A: Over the past 7 years, MysterE has gifted over 5,000 books.  He has a pocket sized book with a huge message. He has the message, now let's get it out in fun and creative ways.

Part B: Now with 5 titles available at Amazon, plus audio books and online content, there is a huge opportunity to help more people around the world. How do we reach them? The people on this project are invited to think, feel and act big to expand our revenue stream with the message. Please join us.

Project Three: 

Studio Ease


Part A: We have the creative talent and equipment for a recording studio at the River House. We also have a large group of fabulous musicians who could benefit from having studio space to advance their gift.

Part B: How can we utilize this studio to it's highest potential? How could we attract artists to the River House. How could we create musical works with a compassionate sound and feel and share them with people around the world. How could we create a recording label? Please join us.

Part A: We have a sponsor for the bees, who has generously provided much of the materials required to build the hives and bring us the bees. We'd love to have someone local who would take special interest in this project.

Part B: We also have a space for, and a partially built chicken coup with a 20 chicken capacity. We are looking to design and built a truly special chicken coup. 

Project Four: 

Bees & Chickens



Project Five: 

Land Acquisition

Part A:  MysterE has for the last 7 years had a vision for a community-oriented healing center that serves the Boulder and Denver Communities. An Experiential Evolutionary Learning Center. A sanctuary. A place to come home and find your heart. Please join us.

Part B:  The River House house's owner is almost ready to sell. Currently, we rent the land with an option to purchase. We are looking for partners in this project. The next door lot is also available, which would give us the visibility and access of the road, additional parking, farming land and housing. These two properties together are 5.5 acres.


Project Six:



Part A: How can we design, manufacture and distribute clothing that is inspiring, fun to wear and has a positive message to uplift all those to see and wear the clothing? MysterE's books have been the media of choice for a compassionate message, and these words could be made into wearable art by the genius of the creative talent in Boulder.

Part B: How can this company be an evolutionary company? There are people with amazing skills and desire in our community who could co-create a company that would be an incredible asset to us and an inspiration to others. Please join us.