What Is wanted for your life?


What Is wanted for your life?

Awaken the Heart, and Purpose Finds You.
— MysterE
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This is a 1-on-1 coaching offering with MysterE

for 20-60 minutes a day...


Why it works so well

Why it works so well

It's All About Alignment...


MysterE's journey has taken him to study with and serve fascinating people from around the world, from spiritual gurus to fortune 500 CEO's.

He has cultivated a methodology to guide people to align with the lunar cycle to accelerate the momentum of self-discovery.


Included in this Course:

• 14 Inspiring Interviews with Leaders in Purpose

• 9 Sections of simple, effective online content

• A individualized life visioning process

• Simple Practice to keep you inspired


The Impact:

• Living Your Dream

• Improved Emotional Health

• An Expanded Awakened Heart

• Grounded Feeling of Worth


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