The Moon is Full of Change

The Moon is Full of Change

Today at 2:22pm in Colorado, the moon becomes full and does foreshadow:

Great things are happening near our beloved Eldorado!

Come on a journey my friend. From where we start, there is no beginning and absolutely no end.

4 in the next ten weeks, I share new blogposts in score, writing with the moon and Evermore. Each script has exactly 222 words, and contains within it - the magic of thirds.

My simple aim is to open creative flow, and to entice you to an upcoming River House Show. Two options for you to muse, and of course - we are happy with whichever you choose.

And choose wisely and only with your Heart, for anything less than Absolute Yes - eventually falls apart. There is so much more here for you to experience, as your Heart is yearning for to make a difference.

Expected the unexpected and the imperfectly perfect - with sound and light shows for a most vibrational human connect.

For 7 days we gather with 7 evolutionary themes, so that by adjournment - we are 14 swimming in channeled light streams.

I can promise you now, that nothing is now in store, until you say “Yes” and come courageously strolling through our back door. And then we leave you feeling completely amused, as you dance home in fabulous shoes.

Wall Street Rescue Mission

Wall Street Rescue Mission

My very first question to the you, that is you: Are you ignoring the signs, in very plain view?

You know the signs - the signs in your audience. Have you seen them, or are you still ignoring the obvious?