Wall Street Rescue Mission

The Obvious: The very foundation of our socio-economic culture is shaking.

The not-obvious-yet: How big the shake up is going to be, and when it starts quaking.

My very first question to the you, that is you: Are you ignoring the signs, in very plain view?

You know! The signs in your immediate audience. Have you seen them, or are you still ignoring the obvious?

Going along with a game where there are less chairs than players; where the music keeps stopping with fewer and fewer prayers - isn't much fun when you fall down hard, where once was a chair.

What if you slowed down and stepped back a bit, my friend? To play a more amusing game - BEFORE yours suddenly ends?

There is a new game being created now, amongst the black sheep. A game where there are far more abundant agreements, to reap.

A game where no one is called a sinner, and a game with no clear cut winner. One where there is always a meal and a safe place to sleep. One where we all get what we all want, with good conversation to keep.

Perhaps your life is already full of purpose, and you have left the obvious charade. Or maybe you are ready to follow the signs, to join a new human parade?

This is soon to be the biggest magic trick around. Perhaps we can all agree now, to make it the only game left in town.

For how much longer can we deal with the Obvious,
As we are stepping in piles of dead bees on the ground?


Thank you and become aware. To whom can you forward and share?

MysterE Smith

EASEup, Life is Heart, 1491 South Foothills Highway, Boulder, CO, 80305

MysterE is a mystery.

Author, screenwriter, community leader, evolutionary guide, father, partner, and lover of life on a mission to change the definition of success to simply compassion.