Open March 15 - October 31 + Holidays.

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Our Textbooks:

The Evolutionary Guidebook, Give Her What She Wants, The Gift is Listening & Amusement Park.

Our Practices:

Yoga asana, self-study, sacred art, conscious dialogue, community lifestyle, musical improvisation.

Udavasana Yoga - Turn from the sacrificial altar of every day life, and open up to new possibilities - a new paradigm in which we all can thrive. Drop the old conditional storylines and open to the expanse truth that All is Provided for Now, and get an amazing workout at the same time. 

We are a blend of teachers from various backgrounds and experience levels, leading yoga classes and living inspired lives in powerful relationships at the River House MysterE School - sharing our gifts as an expression of our growth for others to grow into their uniqueness.

We harmonize our intentions for growth and manifestation by riding the Arc of Resistance relating to the lunar cycle. We keep these intentions on the altar in the yoga studio, and reference them during every practice. It is a truly unique and powerful combination of natural cycles, practice and intent to focus the mind, open the heart and strengthen your spiritual and physical bodies.

Our Mantra“Om Hrim Anahata Guru Om”

Sanskrit to English: ‘Divine Mother, The Heart is my Guide, (or Teacher).’

Spiritual Meaning: ‘IAM connected to the highest intelligence in the Universe.’

Evolutionary Truth: ‘All is Provided For Now.’